Our route has come to an end, and if you have been patient to follow it so far, congratulations, you have reached your goal. The same applies to a study you intend to conduct in the field of information technologies. You must have enough patience and perseverance to see it through to completion.

The purpose of programming consists in solving certain problems, and the solutions are mostly those applications made on different platforms, that became indispensable for many people in their daily life.

At the beginning of the path, you have to choose the direction you want to go, choose technologies, programming languages, compose a study plan, allocate a budget, and devote a certain amount of time and money to your studies. In the end, however, you must have already developed a certain portfolio and acquired a great deal of knowledge and skill.

Your IT career starts with your own abilities, which you already possess, knowledge and experience as a programmer come as an afterthought, as a result of your own abilities. This means that it is equally important to develop the qualities listed in Chapter 4. In the end, everything comes with patience; some people get results in half a year, some in a year, some in 3 years, but in the end, they do.

This book can be your guide, your mentor. You can follow the recommendations regarding the proposed technologies, compile a similar study plan as in Chapter 7, focus more on practice, and gain a solid understanding of the key concepts.

The proposed methods and techniques for carrying out the studies are quite significant and should be followed considering the recommendations. Even though there are many sources of information in the field of Information technologies, not everyone can assimilate them properly and apply the right things in practice. This obstacle must be overcome. With time, you will acquire the ability to "learn effectively and correctly". Be patient and persevere.

In the end you will succeed! Good luck!


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