How to Become a Software Developer

This book is a gate to the world of programming.

  • This book will teach you how to learn;
  • Will inform you about available technologies and their purpose;
  • Will help you make a decision regarding IT technologies for conducting a study;
  • Will help you decide on a career path;
  • Will inform you about techniques and methods for conducting a study;
  • Will inform you about IT certifications and their importance;
  • Will guide you on how to create a professional portfolio;
  • Will inform you about the software development process;
  • And certainly will help you compose a professional resume, and prepare for a job application;
Rating  4.9


"Every fool can know the point is to understand" ― Albert Einstein
  • Introduction

  • About this book

  • Chapter 1. You should ask yourself first: Do you want to become a software developer? For what purpose?

  • Chapter 2. IT directions and technologies

  • Chapter 3. Recommended technologies depending on what you want

  • Chapter 4. What qualities and capabilities should have a software developer

  • Chapter 5. The main stages of a software developer's growth

  • Chapter 6. What programming language to choose

  • Chapter 7. The main stages for carrying out a study. Planning a study

  • Chapter 8. Methods and methodologies

  • Studies based on books

  • Studies based on video tutorials and online courses

  • Studies based on articles, text tutorials, documentation, forums

  • Professional studies: college, university, vocational

  • Chapter 9. What are certificates and how to obtain them

  • Chapter 10. What is a portfolio and how to create it

  • Chapter 11. Develop your personal applications

  • Chapter 12. How to get a job?

  • You solved a problem, you reached a goal

  • Conclusions and recommendations

  • Annexes


Today the profession of a programmer, also known as a "Software Developer", is increasingly fashionable and sought after for several reasons. Whether it's to obtain a well-paid job, an ascending career with advancement possibilities, or out of personal interest in developing software applications.

This book can be of significant help in making a decision and conducting a study. It describes the gradual training process of an IT specialist, compared to the path others have already taken. This study comes with a set of proposals and recommendations regarding the methods and methodologies that you should apply to gain knowledge and practical skills.

All recommendations are based on my own professional training experience. Being a software developer for over 11 years, I've experienced all stages from junior to senior, and I realized that it would be good and useful to share my own experience and knowledge with others.


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